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The “QR-Code Generator” plugin provides a seamless way to incorporate QR codes into your Elementor-powered website. This plugin not only offers an intuitive Elementor widget for easy QR code placement but also automatically generates a unique QR code for each page in the backend on the page list.

The standout feature of this plugin is its dynamic adaptation, as the QR code automatically adjusts to the specific page by incorporating the current URL. This eliminates the need for manual creation or updating of QR codes for each page. The automatic customization ensures that the QR code is always tailored to the current page.

By integrating the widget into Elementor, not only does the design become user-friendly, but the placement of QR codes also becomes extremely convenient. This functionality proves to be practical in providing your visitors with effortless access to specific pages, whether they are product pages, contact information, or other content. The “QR-Code Generator” simplifies the integration of QR codes into your Elementor website in an efficient manner.

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